Auto Diagnostic Services in Sedona, AZ

Auto Diagnostic Services in Sedona, AZ

Auto Diagnostic Services in Sedona, AZWhen a car faces operational, safety or performance issues, the problem will often present itself in a way that informs the driver that a problem is indeed present. Whether you hear strange noises while driving or the check engine illuminates, it's important to quickly address signs of car trouble before the problem becomes worse. Denying your vehicle the attention it needs could result in the problem getting worse -- and more expensive to fix. At Red Rock Auto Center our technicians are highly skilled at completing auto diagnostics in Sedona using their own vast knowledge and high tech equipment. When you car just isn't driving like it should, call us to schedule an appointment.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

One of the most common signs of car trouble is the illumination of the check engine light. While many check engine light issues are related to fairly small issues, such as a worn sensor or even a loose gas cap, it's necessary to take care of it right when the light turns on. We use modern scan tools that pinpoint the error code, allowing us to quickly and accurately complete check engine light repairs for any make or model.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Aside from the check engine light, your car is also equipped with a number of other dashboard warning lights. These lights can include the ALT light, which provides warnings about the health of the alternator, the ABS light, which helps monitor the brakes, the BAT light will inform you of issues with the battery or the TPMS light, which will turn on if one of the tires is getting low on air. If any of these or another dash light illuminates, come see us for proper diagnostics and auto repair.

General Signs of Car Trouble

While dashboard indicator lights are a common clue of car trouble, there are numerous other signs of trouble that require the use of your own senses. Strange noises, weird vibrations, odd smells and visible fluid leaks all need immediate attention to prevent whatever issue that is occurring from growing into a larger problem. If you suspect something just isn't right with your car, come see the Red Rock Auto Center team for quality auto diagnostics in Sedona.

State of the Art Equipment

State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment in Sedona, AZRed Rock Auto Center is equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. We utilize computer assisted equipment to ensure the services we provide are exactly what your vehicle needs to run safely and reliably. The investment we've made into these tools is an investment into our customers, because you deserve only the best!

When your car's not running right come see our friendly crew for professional auto diagnostics in Sedona. Call Red Rock Auto Center at (928) 325-2559 to make an appointment and we'll be happy to help!

"Great service- wonderful people to work. They only repaired what needed to be fixed!! I trust them with my car and it's very safe now to drive."

"Best shop I've been to ever! My car runs better than it has since I first got it, and kept me up to date while working on my car and fair price, I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely go back to them."

"Bill is always kind and professional. I have found he does a very thorough job and is worth it! I also appreciate that they will give me a ride to work if I need it, makes keeping my car serviced much more convenient!"

"Wonderful people to work with!!! The only folks in Sedona I trust with my car. Honest, helpful, accommodating! A pleasure to work with."

"These guys really take good care of my vehicles. In addition to the repairs, they recently provided me with a detailed list of future issues to take care of, so I can be pro-active. I am happy I found Red Rock!"

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