Why Coolant Flushes Are Important

Why Coolant Flushes Are Important

Why Coolant Flushes Are ImportantFor optimal safety and performance, you'll want to consistently stay up to date with your auto maintenance. Cooling system maintenance is an important part of any comprehensive maintenance plan, and you'll want to have your coolant flushed approximately every 30,000 miles. By putting off cooling system maintenance, you run a greater risk of your engine overheating, which could cause serious problems. Here's a look at five important reasons to get your coolant flushed.

Eliminate Contaminants

As antifreeze ages, it is prone to losing its anti-corrosive properties. This can consequently cause an accumulation of contaminants. As part of cooling system service, these contaminants are flushed out of the system, and the new antifreeze will effectively keep them from building back up.

Maximum Lifespan of Water Pump

Modern antifreeze contains additives that help to keep your water pump lubricated. Replacing your water pump can be quite expensive, so you'll want to keep it working effectively for as long as you can.

Prevent Rust

New antifreeze can discourage the accumulation of rust and foam, which will keep your engine in better shape.

Get Rid of Acidic Antifreeze

When antifreeze gets old, it can turn acidic and begin to clump. A cooling system flush will replace this old fluid with fresh antifreeze that can be trusted to work like it should.

Follow Maintenance Plan

Your vehicle rolled off the assembly line with a maintenance plan already in place. By sticking to this plan, including cooling system service, you can achieve optimal performance while also retaining the validity of your warranty.

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Posted: September 24, 2020

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