Helpful Tips for Saving Gas Money

Helpful Tips for Saving Gas Money

Helpful Tips for Saving Gas MoneySky-high gas prices can put a serious dent in your wallet. But by taking certain measures to prevent fuel waste, you can keep a little more loot in your pocket. At Red Rock Auto Center, our local mechanics have extensive experience with completing maintenance tasks that help vehicles achieve better fuel-efficiency. There are also some precautions you can take during your daily commute that will help to prevent fuel from going to waste.

Easy Ways to Boost MPGs

One simple precaution you can take to prevent fuel waste is to make sure your tires are correctly inflated. It's best to check for your required psi, and then inflate your tires as specified. When tires are underinflated, the engine has to use more power to get the soft rubber to roll, which can consequently cause gas mileage to drop. Another way to help optimize fuel-economy is to make sure you aren't driving with unnecessary weight in your car. This is because gas mileage can drop by 1% for every extra 100 pounds in your car. Also, it's important that you return your gas cap to a fully secure position after each time you fill up. If your gas cap is missing or loose, then fuel may evaporate before it is sent toward your engine.

At our Sedona auto shop, we can conduct maintenance that will help your car with maximizing fuel-efficiency. Fuel filters should be replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles so that contaminants don't hurt gas mileage and engine performance. Air filters should be changed out every 12,000 to 15,000 miles so that there is proper airflow to the combustion chamber. If airflow is obstructed by a dirty filter, then the engine may burn excessive fuel to compensate for a shortage of air. Other routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes and spark plug replacement, can also help your vehicle get the most miles per gallon.

Auto Maintenance in Sedona, AZ

When you need auto maintenance in Sedona and the surrounding area, contact Red Rock Auto Center at (928) 451-7431. At our local auto shop, we can expertly conduct any type of repair or maintenance that your vehicle needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: January 2022

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