Auto Maintenance in Sedona, AZ

Auto Maintenance in Sedona, AZ

Auto Maintenance in Sedona, AZRed Rock Auto Center is a dealership alternative for auto maintenance in Sedona for all cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Staffed by ASE certified technicians who undergo continuous education, Red Rock is able to care for most every make and model on the road today. When it is time for any type of service, such as an oil change, belt replacement, or a wheel alignment, come see us! There is no service we can't complete and we can even maintain your new car warranty! Give us a call to schedule an appointment for preventative maintenance and let us keep your car running great.

Wheel Alignment

We offer fast and effective wheel alignments using our state of the art Hawkeye Elite® alignment tool. Our investment into the latest technology helps ensure that you're able to maintain maximum control over your vehicle. If you experience issues such as a steering wheel vibration, pulling, or strange tire wear call us to schedule an expert wheel alignment in Sedona.

Oil Change in Sedona

The most common form of auto maintenance is the oil change and oil filter replacement. Most vehicles require this service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to ensure the engine's moving parts remain properly lubricated. Our team can complete oil changes with conventional or full synthetic oil, depending on the needs of your vehicle.

Tune Up

If your vehicle just doesn't seem to be running right then it may be time for a tune up. Most tune up services are relatively small, such as replacing an air filter or fuel filter or changing the spark plugs, but they'll provide major benefits for your car!

Timing Belt Replacement

It's imperative to have your vehicle's timing belt replaced at the mileage point indicated in the owner's manual. Not completing this service can allow the belt to snap, resulting in massive engine damage. Most vehicles equipped with a timing belt need it replaced between 75,000 and 105,000 miles.

Fluid Exhange Service

All vehicles utilize specialized fluids to operate. From time to time these fluids need to be drained and refilled to ensure they're free of damaging contaminants, a service known as a fluid exchange. For your vehicle we can complete a brake fluid exchange, coolant exchange, power steering exchange, transmission fluid exchange or differential exchange, as called for by your car's maintenance needs.

30/60/90K Maintenance

30/60/90K Maintenance in Sedona, AZMany auto maintenance services occur during 30/60/90K appointments. During these service checkups our technicians will perform a variety of crucial maintenance needs that will ensure your car or truck continues to run safely and reliably.

The next time your car is due for auto maintenance in Sedona or the surrounding areas, skip the dealer and head straight for Red Rock Auto Center. Our team is committed to excellence! Give us a call at (928) 451-7431 to make an appointment.

"Great service- wonderful people to work. They only repaired what needed to be fixed!! I trust them with my car and it's very safe now to drive."

"Best shop I've been to ever! My car runs better than it has since I first got it, and kept me up to date while working on my car and fair price, I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely go back to them."

"Bill is always kind and professional. I have found he does a very thorough job and is worth it! I also appreciate that they will give me a ride to work if I need it, makes keeping my car serviced much more convenient!"

"Wonderful people to work with!!! The only folks in Sedona I trust with my car. Honest, helpful, accommodating! A pleasure to work with."

"These guys really take good care of my vehicles. In addition to the repairs, they recently provided me with a detailed list of future issues to take care of, so I can be pro-active. I am happy I found Red Rock!"

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