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I met Derrick in May of 2008 through a group of friends. He and I hit it off as best friends almost immediately. We share many of the same interests and talents. I was just getting my business rolling when he started hanging around and we built a couple motorcycles together. I noticed how extremely talented he is and that he is also a certified welder.

Derrick grew up in Main and New Hampshire  riding snowmobiles and dirt bikes, and like myself, he had to learn to repair them if he wanted to keep riding.

This guy is an absolute wild-man on a motorcycle and quad.  racing professionally in many types of motorsports  for several years Derrick has traveled nationally and his riding skills are tough to match. He is a total blast to ride with and is always looking for a reason or excuse to get in the wind with anyone who thinks they can keep up.

After High school, Derrick moved to Phoenix where he attended MMI and became certified with Yamaha, and Polaris. Later, while employed at another motorcycle repair shop he became a certified Victory technician.

Mechanically talented and a true desire to please each and every customer  Derrick has earned a permanent position at Red Rock Auto and Cycle as a top rated motorcycle technician.

As a newly-wed  Derrick enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and his kids. Riding motorcycles is his passion for fun.